Inhalers, suture materials or contact lenses, coffee capsules, and laundry detergent pods: Harro Höfliger is behind these and many other end products – because they’re made with the help of our technologies and production machines. We specialize in individual hi-tech solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

As a result, many pharmaceutical and medical innovations reach the market with our support. Making life easier for many people is a major motivation in our daily work.

Simple packaging machines, like the ones at the start of our company history, are only part of our product range now. Our success is based on a broad foundation – which is why we’re a crisis-proof employer.


A lot of things started in a garage, and not only in Silicon Valley. Harro Höfliger also started out small, with general reconditioning of used cartoning machines. The garage workshop soon became too small for the visionary founder. With his passion for developing his own machines and trying out new ideas, he made his company a byword for technological innovation over the years. The one-man enterprise has become a global player with some 1,800 employees. “Harro” has a good name as a technology leader and development partner for production and packaging solutions.

Our company founder chose wisely, moving away from the food industry to the demanding and constantly innovating pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. After his death in 2019 we have remained a family company with a strong family culture and sense of social responsibility.


Admittedly, Harro Höfliger isn’t exactly easy to pronounce, in international use. But “Harro Who” became a regular idiom in the 1990s.

This was when our founder Harro Höfliger and our current CEO Thomas Weller had an appointment at the New York headquarters of a US pharma giant. Naturally, we were still a small fish among possible machinery suppliers, but we already had a subsidiary in the USA. The attempt to set up a business relationship met with furrowed brows: “Harro Who?”

They suggested we come to see them again in ten years – if Harro Höfliger was still in existence. It didn’t take that long. Our innovative drive and reputation for making the impossible happen won them over. The first order arrived just two years later. The business relationship is still a close one, marked by mutual trust.


The Harro spirit is legendary. Despite our growth, we’ve retained the values of a family company. Our relationships are characterized by trust, fairness, open-mindedness and respect. How does this show? For example, in how we handle mistakes. Every idea is welcome, we develop and test a lot of them – and learn from failures. Or our working atmosphere. We smile and greet each other when we meet, our doors are open. The managing directors are personally available, company and team events promote a sense of belonging.

Commitment is appropriately rewarded – attractive remuneration is a matter of course. Our employees also enjoy a Christmas bonus, paid vacation, and other bonuses. We offer numerous other benefits, such as a company pension scheme, health insurance, working time accounts, flexible working hours, mobile work and bike leasing. A wide range of training services offer employees the chance to manage their own development and realize their full potential.


Innovation at the highest level is our core business. For this, we need creative employees who want to make things happen and look at the world in a different way. Team players, who are solution-oriented and like to work autonomously.

The focus is naturally on technical occupations. For example, mechatronics, electrical engineering, control technology, IT and robotics. But we’re also looking for committed and open-minded colleagues in other areas who are inspired by the Harro spirit.

You’re just starting out in your career? We have a broad range of training and educational programs, all with a strong practical element, offered by experienced trainers.


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